We facilitate online team building games for remote employees that use smart game mechanics and collaboration to tell a humbling story

Here is how it works…

A small group of talented wizards have been at war since ages past. It is rumored – correctly – that the wizards have been at the conflict so long, that not one of them quite remembers how the whole thing started. We are enlisting your team as the wizards’ minions to help solve the conundrum and bring the war to a peaceful end.

image of group doing online team building together on Zoom

War of the Wizards is a 90 minute online game, facilitated by a game master over a secure video conference line that we provide. Throughout the game, your team members will tell stories, solve puzzles, and complete challenges to earn magic items. Each team must then collaborate on how to use these items to gather resources and cast spells in the war effort. Our host weaves the games together through an epic story of dragon love, ogre stench and a small but sturdy bridge.

another group doing online team building games on zoom

The game mechanics are fun and familiar. Teams that love murder mysteries, puzzles and escape rooms will love War of the Wizards too. This activity is designed from the ground up for virtual team building, and will bind your people together through friendly competition and fierce collaboration.